American Quarter Horse Mix Wałach 7 lat 142 cm Gniada in Joshua, TX
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Pipsqueak 6 year old 14hh Bay Quarter Horse Gelding

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Data wstawienia: 13.02.2023
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American Quarter Horse, nazywany również Quarter Horse, pochodzi z USA i jest najbardziej rozpowszechnioną rasą koni na świecie. Na całym świecie zarejestrowanych jest około 4,6 miliona Quarter Horse’ów. Rasa powstała w XVII wieku, kiedy bogaci plantatorzy z Wirginii i Karoliny postanowili dohodować ... Więcej o rasie koni American Quarter Horse
7 lat
142 cm
Versatility Ranch Horse
jest wszechstronny (allrounder)


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CONSIGNOR CONTACT: Rachel Sanders 805-453-3410
BREED: Quarter Horse
AGE: 6
GENDER: Gelding

This gelding will sell UNRESERVED to the HIGHEST bidder at the time of sale!!!
If you are looking for a horse that is perfect for the entire family stop scrolling and check out Pipsqueak. Pipsqueak stands at 14.0 hands tall making him the perfect size for anyone. This gelding is absolutely gentle for anyone from 5 to 85 years old. In the arena, Pipsqueak knows all the proper maneuvers making him very easy and fun to ride. Pipsqueak picks up both his leads flawlessly. Pipsqueak has a very smooth trot and lope making him easy to enjoy. This gelding is truly one hand broke and will go anywhere you point him. Pipsqueak came off a big ranch in South Texas where he was used all over the ranch by a 7-year-old girl. She used this gelding to ride fences all over the ranch and used him in the branding pen to drag calves to the fire. Once all the hard work was done, she would load Pipsqueak up in the trailer and take him to the playdays where she was competitive in all the events. She has taken this gelding on every trail you can imagine where Pipsqueak had to cross all sorts of terrains, step over many different obstacles, and had to cross water multiple times and this gelding never hesitated. After a long day on the ranch she would give Pipsqueak a nice bath where he stood like a soldier. This gelding has all the patience in the world and will stand tied up to the trailer all day and stands like a saint for the farrier. Pipsqueak is truly a family horse where anyone can enjoy him. He loves being rode bareback and will go any speed you ask him. This gelding is super willing and has the personality of a big puppy dog. Pipsqueak is the first horse to meet you at the gate to be caught and will stick his head in the halter for you. Pipsqueak is truly a one-of-a-kind gelding that you don’t want to miss out on. If you want a babysitter for your kids or if you just want to go for a nice relaxing trail ride this gelding would be perfect for you. If you have any questions, concerns, and/or would like to set up an appointment to come try Pipsqueak for yourself, please call or text us at (805)- 453-3410. If you have any questions regarding transport, please reach out! We are more than happy to assist in setting up dependable shipping no matter where you are. We work side by side with numerous SAFE, tried and true, reliable, affordable transporters, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing your new best friend will safely arrive at your doorstep!!
Joshua, TX


Joshua, TX 76058, Texas
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Needmore, PA 17238
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Needmore, PA 17238
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