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Three Registered Irish Draught mares all in foal

Typ ogłoszenia: Koń na sprzedaż
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Data wstawienia: 10.01.2021
24 000 €
~ 108 982 zł
Nagero Sport Horses
32240 Lias d'Armagnac Francja
+353 (0)879297498
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Irlandzki koń sportowy to irlandzka rasa koni sportowych, która pochodzi od koni Irish Draught. Irish Draught zostały uszlachetnione krwią angielskich folblutów. Z tych kojarzeń powstała nowa rasa, której głównym celem była hodowla koni sportowych z predyspozycjami do skoków i WKKW. Irlandzki koń sp ... Więcej o rasie koni Irlandzki koń sportowy
Irlandzki koń sportowy
Koń gorącokrwisty
8 lat
163 cm
Siwa jabłkowita


  • Angielski
  • Holenderski
  • Polski
  • Hiszpański
  • Francuski
  • Niemiecki
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Drei registrierte irische Zugstuten alle in Fohlen

Ride-Ability R3+ (Details finden Sie auf der Seite Ride-ability Scoring)

Seltene Gelegenheit, 3 Stiftungstuten aus Irland zu kaufen. Zwei 163 cm Stuten und eine 168 cm Klasse 1 Stute. Alle 8 Jahre alt und bei guter Gesundheit und haben erfolgreich gefohlen vor.

1 x Stute durch Clooneen Sea King ein registrierter irischer Drafthengst mit SJI-Punkten und sie jagt auch. Super Temperament. Siehe Pic with Rider.
1 x Stute durch einen Shire Hengst
1 x Stute durch einen friesischen Hengst.

Sie sind alle sehr ruhig und einfach zu handhaben.

Verkauft zusammen für 24.000 Euro.
  1. Die erste Stute ist für den 16. März geplant.
  2. Zweite Stute wird im April fällig
  3. Die dritte Stute wird im Mai fällig.
Zucht und Fotos der Hengste in den Bildern.


Aufgrund von Covid-Einschränkungen für die Reise benötigen wir ein Reitvideo des vorgesehenen Fahrers via WhatsApp bis +353879297498, um sicherzustellen, dass jedes beabsichtigte Pony oder Pferd geeignet ist.

Offen für vollständige Röntgenaufnahmen und Überprüfungen.

Der Transport kann weltweit organisiert werden.

Preis €24.000 oder Sterling Äquivalent am Tag des Verkaufs.
Three Registered Irish Draught mares all in foal

Ride-Ability R3+ (Please see ride-ability scoring page for details)

Rare opportunity to buy 3 foundation mares from Ireland. Two 163 cm mares and one 168 cm class 1 mare. All 8 years old and in good health and have foaled successfully before.

1 x mare due to Clooneen Sea King a registered Irish draft stallion with SJI points and she hunts as well. Super temperament. See Pic with Rider.
1 x mare due to a Shire stallion
1 x mare due to a Friesian stallion.

They are all very quiet and easy to handle.

Sold together for 24,000 euros.
  1. First mare is scheduled for March 16.
  2. Second mare is due in April
  3. Third mare is due in May.
Breeding and photos of the stallions in the pictures.

Location In FRANCE.

Due to Covid restrictions on travel we do require a riding video of the intended rider via WhatsApp to +353879297498 to ensure that any intended pony or horse is a suitable match.

Open to full x-rays and vetting.

Transport can be arranged worldwide.

Price  €24,000 or Sterling Equivalent on day of Sale.
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Drie Geregistreerde Ierse Dammerries allemaal in veulen

Ride-Ability R3+ (Zie rijvaardigheidsscorepagina voor meer informatie)

Zeldzame kans om 3 basismerries uit Ierland te kopen. Twee merries van 163 cm en één 168 cm klasse 1 merrie. Alle 8 jaar oud en in goede gezondheid en hebben met succes eerder geveulend.

1 x merrie toe aan Clooneen Sea King een geregistreerde Ierse draft hengst met SJI punten en ze jaagt ook. Super temperament. Zie Pic met Rider.
1 x merrie door een Shire hengst
1 x merrie toe te schrijven aan een Friese hengst.

Ze zijn allemaal erg rustig en gemakkelijk te hanteren.

Samen verkocht voor 24.000 euro.
  1. De eerste merrie staat gepland voor 16 maart.
  2. Tweede merrie moet in april
  3. De derde merrie moet in mei worden.
Fokkerij en foto's van de hengsten op de foto's.

Locatie in FRANKRIJK.

Vanwege Covid beperkingen op reizen hebben we wel een rijvideo van de beoogde ruiter via WhatsApp nodig naar +353879297498 om ervoor te zorgen dat een beoogde pony of paard een geschikte match is.

Open voor volledige röntgenfoto's en doorlichting.

Transport kan wereldwijd worden geregeld.

Prijs €24.000 of Sterling Equivalent op de dag van verkoop.


32240 Gers, South West France


Nagero Sport Horses
32240 Lias d'Armagnac
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The founder of ‘Nagero Sport Horses’, Kerry O’Regan and her family have been involved in horses ‘for ever!’.

Kerry has been riding since the age of six and is now over 21+++! BHS and HSI qualified, Kerry has coached, taught, competed in show jumping, dressage and eventing, run yards and worked in racing for many years. Kerry still rides but rarely has time to compete anymore, although that is on the agenda time permitting. Passionate about retraining of racehorses and has always promoted their use as an all-round riding horse. She is also a registered social worker.

Emma is also BHS qualified and show jumping is her passion. Emma spent 3yrs training in 3 of Ireland’s top showjumping yards. She is great at producing young horses ready for the start of their careers. Emma has backed all of our home bred horses, from the age of 12 and is a mainstay of the business; running the yard and also uploads and edits all the photographs and graphics for the website and a million other jobs as well!

We sell for trusted vendors that we are confident describe their horses honestly. We also source horses for clients from all around the world and if we don’t have it on our lists of for sale horses then we can normally find it. We take time to make sure that horses and riders are a good fit, both for the welfare of the horse and the safety of the rider. We organise all shipping and transport for over seas buyers. We offer a bespoke service for potential purchasers and collect you from the airport and drop you back again in cases where someone doesn’t want to hire a car. Whether you buy or not we normally end up having some Irish craic!!

We now also have a yard in France where we offer holidays, horse buying trips, Equestrian holidays and much more.

If you don’t see what you want on our Horses for Sale page, still do get in touch as we have many horses on our list that we haven’t had time to upload yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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