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Stunning PRE 10 Year Old Stallion

Typ ogłoszenia: Koń na sprzedaż
ID ogłoszenia: 2875933
Data wstawienia: 04.12.2021
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13 000 €
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Pochodzące z Hiszpanii barokowe konie rasy andaluzyjskiej, które oficjalnie nazywają się Pura Raza Espanola (PRE), są uważane na całym świecie za konie szlachetne, wytrzymałe i odważne, które cenią sobie bliskość człowieka. Nazwa andaluz odnosi się do koni powstałych ze skrzyżowania z obcymi rasami ... Więcej o rasie koni Koń andaluzyjski
Koń andaluzyjski
Koń gorącokrwisty
10 lat


  • Angielski
  • Hiszpański
  • Włoski
  • Holenderski
  • Polski
  • Szwedzki
  • Francuski
  • Niemiecki
  • Rosyjski
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16,1hh Hengst.
Fantastisches Temperament.
Schöne Schritte, wie im Video zu sehen ist, macht er seitliche Arbeit.

Aufgrund der Covid-Reisebeschränkungen verkaufen wir überwiegend Sehenswürdigkeiten ungesehen. Potenzielle Käufer müssen per WhatsApp ein Video ihrer Fahrkünste bis hin zu 00353879297498 s o wir die Eignung beurteilen können. Alles verfügbar, um zu sehen und zu versuchen, wenn Sie zum Hof reisen können.

Weltweiter Versand verfügbar Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für ein Angebot.
16.1hh stallion.
Fantastic temperament.
Beautiful paces as can see in video he does lateral work.
Price €12,000 Euros inc UK/Europe delivery

Due to covid travel restrictions we are predominantly selling sight unseen. Potential buyers need to WhatsApp us a video of their riding ability through to 00353879297498 s o we can assess suitability. Everything available to view and try if you can travel to the yard.

Worldwide shipping available please contact us for a quote.
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16.1hh semental.
Temperamento fantástico.
Hermosos ritmos como se puede ver en video hace trabajo lateral.

Debido a las restricciones de viaje de covid, estamos vendiendo predominantemente a la vista sin ser vistos. Los compradores potenciales deben whatsApp a nosotros un video de su capacidad de conducción a través de 00353879297498 podemos evaluar la idoneidad. Todo disponible para ver y probar si puedes viajar al patio.

Envío a todo el mundo disponible, contáctenos para obtener una cotización.
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16.1hh stallone.
Temperamento fantastico.
Bellissimi ritmi come si può vedere in video fa lavori laterali.

A causa delle restrizioni di viaggio covid stiamo prevalentemente vendendo vista invisibile. I potenziali acquirenti hanno bisogno di WhatsApp di un video della loro capacità di guida fino a 00353879297498 s o possiamo valutare l'idoneità. Tutto a disposizione per visualizzare e provare se è possibile viaggiare verso il cortile.

Spedizione in tutto il mondo disponibile non esitate a contattarci per un preventivo.
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16.1hh hengst.
Fantastisch temperament.
Mooie tempo's zoals te zien is in video doet hij zijdelings werk.

Vanwege de covid-reisbeperkingen verkopen we voornamelijk ongezien zicht. Potentiële kopers moeten WhatsApp ons een video van hun rijvaardigheid tot en met 00353879297498 we de geschiktheid kunnen beoordelen. Alles beschikbaar om te bekijken en te proberen of je naar de tuin kunt reizen.

Wereldwijde verzending beschikbaar neem dan contact met ons op voor een offerte.




Nagero Irish Sport Horses
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The founder of ‘Nagero Sport Horses’, Kerry O’Regan and her family have been involved in horses ‘for ever!’.

Kerry has been riding since the age of six and is now over 21+++! BHS and HSI qualified, Kerry has coached, taught, competed in show jumping, dressage and eventing, run yards and worked in racing for many years. Kerry still rides but rarely has time to compete anymore, although that is on the agenda time permitting. Passionate about retraining of racehorses and has always promoted their use as an all-round riding horse. She is also a registered social worker.

Emma is also BHS qualified and show jumping is her passion. Emma spent 3yrs training in 3 of Ireland’s top showjumping yards. She is great at producing young horses ready for the start of their careers. Emma has backed all of our home bred horses, from the age of 12 and is a mainstay of the business; running the yard and also uploads and edits all the photographs and graphics for the website and a million other jobs as well!

We sell for trusted vendors that we are confident describe their horses honestly. We also source horses for clients from all around the world and if we don’t have it on our lists of for sale horses then we can normally find it. We take time to make sure that horses and riders are a good fit, both for the welfare of the horse and the safety of the rider. We organise all shipping and transport for over seas buyers. We offer a bespoke service for potential purchasers and collect you from the airport and drop you back again in cases where someone doesn’t want to hire a car. Whether you buy or not we normally end up having some Irish craic!!

We now also have a yard in France where we offer holidays, horse buying trips, Equestrian holidays and much more.

If you don’t see what you want on our Horses for Sale page, still do get in touch as we have many horses on our list that we haven’t had time to upload yet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Nagero Irish Sport Horses
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