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KWPN Online Foal Auction 18-21 September

Typ ogłoszenia: Koń aukcyjny
ID ogłoszenia: 2185052
Data wstawienia: 14.09.2020
~17 030 zł 4 000 €
KWPN Center
3852 PL Ermelo Holandia
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KWPN to skrót księgi hodowlanej holenderskiego konia gorącokrwistego: „Koninklijke Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland“. Linie klaczy tej rasy mają swój początek najczęściej w rodzimych, ciężkich rasach Geldenländer lub Groninger. Nadal są one krzyżowane z ogierami pochodzącymi z innych obszarów hod ...więcej
Koń gorącokrwisty
Źrebak (05/2020)
Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland


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Everyone knows the influential dressage mare Oronia (s.Jazz)! She has not only proved herself in the Medium advanced level but knew how to pass it through her offspring. This is to be seen by the international Grand Prix horse Vontango-B (s.Contango) of Madeleine Witte-Vrees and the KWPN approved stallion Don Tango B (s.Contango), which is performing in the Medium advanced level. Pluvius’ dam, Zannou, none other than the full-sister of Oronia. She already brought 2 Medium advanced horses, is closely related to the Small Tour horse Don Johnson (s.Johnson), and is currently combined with the promising Livius. Livius, in his turn, contains the valuable blood of Bordeaux and Vivaldi, and last year, he managed to get the highest score during the spring-inspection with a 9 for rideability and attitude! This Pluvius contains everything on both dam and sire’s side!

Are you looking for a potential sport horse? A talent for the future? Take a look at the collection now and make your choice. The KWPN inspector is happy to provide you more information about the collection. In addition, our sponsor Horses2Fly, can support you in the transport of your foal. Questions? Contact the KWPN inspector Wim Versteeg (+31 6-54201800) or Rianka Hazeleger by and +31 341-255511. Selected by health and correctness Are you not registered as a bidder yet? This can be done easily, for free and quickly via We will also keep you informed of all KWPN auctions. The bidding will close at Monday August 31 from 8PM. During the photo and video day all foals were assessed by the KWPN inspector and a vet. Therefore the foals are selected by health and correctness, the basis of a promising future.



3852 PL Ermelo


KWPN Center
3852 PL Ermelo
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